Briardzucht los pequeños Banditos Briardwelpen

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Our conception is

the breeding of healthy, robust, courageous, friendly Briards according to the standard, with even temper; pure breed and a nature typical of Briards with lovable character. They must fit into the today's environment, suitable as social family dogs.

We breed due to our great love to these animals and because we have a dam(bitch) with the best characteristic traits and with full breeding permission.

We reject breeding for profit in principle. For this reason there will be only a few litters and there will not be an abundance of "little Bandits". They will remain something special.

Our breeding goals are

exellent nature (friendly, balanced, even temper, resilient) according to the standard, intelligence, adaptability, joy of work and learning and absence of inherited diseases.

Our Briard breed

is based on the requirements of the CFH (Club for french shepherd dogs) and the guidelines of the VDH and the FCI. If you are interested in how our puppies grow up, please look under puppy info.

Sire dog

For the selection of the sire, a balanced, strong, self-confident nature and a hereditary healthy parentage is most important to us. Exhibition successes are not really important to us. It is not simple to find the suitable sire. The sire being considered will be personally examined by us as to whether he corresponds to our conceptions.

Puppy purchaser

The puppy purchasers are selected with great consideration. The prospective puppy purchasers are subject to intense critical questioning, before they get entrusted to one "little Bandit".

Therefore we prefer to plan our litters on reservation so that we have adnance knowledge of potential recipients before the puppies are born.

It is also important to us that you learn to know our dogs before considering purchase. Maybe you do not agree to breed from our dam (bitch) or to the way we look after our dogs.

Our experiences with this approach is excellent and all new owners of puppies are happy, with their selected "little Bandit".


So that nothing important escapes us, our puppies will be born in our bedroom and after one week move over to the living room. There they grow up in the family circle and they will notice all the usual noises in the household. The puppies participate in the daily life and will receive many visits.

Starting from approx. 3-4 weeks they gain entrance to the garden with their own playground with many optical and acoustic attractions. All this contributes to give them the typical characteristics of the breed.

Become acquainted

If you like to become acquainted with us and our dogs, you are always invited for coffee, cake and a walk.
We are pleased, to become acquainted with our prospective puppy purchaser before the planned mating.

You will see how EXCITING it is, if one can see nearly everything from the day of mating up to the delivery of the puppy, and then taking your "Dream Briard" home.

Furthermore we attach much importance to the fact that you visit "YOUR" Puppy frequently (weekly). Thus you become acquainted very well and you can observe the litter yourself.

If you still have questions regarding the planned mating, or something else in mind, just give us a call or write an e-mail.

Your family Westerwelle with the little bandits, (Los pequeños Banditos).

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